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18 Things Everyone Did In High School

If I pretend to be reading this book, maybe the teacher won't ask to collect my homework.

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1. Pray you're not the last to be picked for the P.E. soccer/volleyball/dodge-ball team.

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2. ...Even though you know you probably will.

Stop looking at me, everyone!

3. Hope your teacher doesn't call on you for an answer you really don't know.

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4. ...Even though you know they probably will.

5. Hesitate before raising your hand even though this time, you do know the answer.

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6. ...Even though you know that this they probably won't call on you.

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7. Write a full essay without reading a word of the book.

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8. ...And then ace that essay.

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9. ....And then fail the next essay you BS, because school is all about learning things the hard way.

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10. Pretend like you're above school spirit and act blasé at pep rallies and assemblies.

11. But when one of those free t-shirts got tossed your way by a football player, you were secretly ecstatic.

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12. Spend most of your lunch period doing your homework for your next classes.

13. Avoid teachers in the hall if you have an especially low grade in their class.

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14. If a teacher ever said homework was for completion points only, forget doing the actual work.

Time to write randomly selected words all day everyday!

15. Never complete the real assignments, but always complete the extra credit assignments.

16. Act all casual on the days you wear an especially cool or new outfit.

17. Act even more casual when someone compliments you.

I totally didn't spend all of last night planning this outfit.

18. And at the end of the day, know you survived the death trap that is high school for one more day and walk away from it unharmed.

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Until the next time, suckas.

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