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    18 Things Trans Men Are Tired Of Hearing

    "How do you have sex?"

    1. How long have you been a man?

    2. You’d never be able to tell you’re trans.

    3. So your girlfriend must be gay, right?

    4. You’re so lucky to have found somebody!

    5. What was your name before?

    6. You’ve got a better beard than me!

    7. How do you have sex?

    8. Each to their own.

    9. If I fancy you, does it make me gay or straight?

    10. It’s a shame – you were so pretty before!

    11. You’ve had the best of both worlds.

    12. Don’t worry, I’ve got a friend who’s gay.

    13. You’re so brave!

    14. Have you got a penis?

    15. Why not just be a butch lesbian?

    16. You’ll never change your chromosomes.

    17. I’ve never met a trans man before!

    18. So you want to be a woman?