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    15 Panamanian Dishes You Must Try

    We might have not made it to the World Cup, yet, but we have pretty mean tamales and our tortillas win the WORLD!

    I love Panamanian food, well, yes, I'm Panamanian, but after living almost 10 years in the States and explaining one too many times all the delicious Panamanian food to friends and how we really don't eat tacos as a national dish (nothing wrong with tacos tho), I think it is time for me to share more info about our cocina to the world, at least to the BuzzFeed Foodie World!

    1. Tamal Panameño

    2. Ceviche

    3. Mondongo (Tripe Stew)

    4. Mamallena (Raisin Bread Pudding)

    5. Panamanian Corn Tortillas

    6. Plátanos En Tentación (Caramelized Sweet Yellow Plantains)

    7. Yuca Al Moho (Crispy Yuca In Garlic-Lime Sauce)

    8. Chicha de Saril (Hibiscus Limeade)

    9. Patacones (Mashed Fried Green Plantains)

    10. Chicheme (Sweet Corn Juice)

    11. Empanadas De Plátano Maduro (Yellow Plantains Empanadas)

    12. Sao-Saus (Pickled Pigs Trotters)

    13. Hojaldres (Fried Bread)

    14. Chicha De Avena (Oats Juice)

    15. Torrejitas De Bacalao (Salted Cod Fritters)

    Ohh, comida panameña ^_^

    These are not all of our traditional dishes, I left out Cow's Tongue Stew, Cocada, Arroz con Coco y Guandú y Coco, Carimañolas, Arroz Con Pollo, Kekes, and many other flavourful dishes, maybe I do a round 2 sometime soon!

    I invite you to visit my blog for more Panamanian and other deliciousness on