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13 Reasons Why The Internet Is The TV Of This Generation

From those last minute Wikipedia essays to procrastination via cringy musical.lys, here are the reasons that TV is so last year.

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3. Loads of great music; I mean really it's VERY GOOD

Literally every genre, from classical music to the song you heard in the shop this morning, and all at the click of a button. Why did you ever buy CDs?

6. Social Media = Your Instant Insight Into Everyone's Social Lives

So finding out who really was at that party, digging up some dirt on that annoying co-worker or just finding some relatable posts on Twitter has never been easier.

10. Something For Whatever Mood You're In

Whether you're tired of work and something to cheer you up, or want to see some inspiring stories to motivate you in the void of January, the whole Internet is waiting at a click.

11. Just Things That.. Look Nice

Calming sunsets, baby animals, nice clothes, pastel things, cityscapes, song lyrics, celebrity parties that are #goals or expensive cars. There's beauty in the world that the creative people on the Internet really bring out.

12. Worldwide

With the turn of the century came the first time that humans could communicate instantly from almost anywhere on the globe. And you use it to send memes to your pal, Greg.

13. Community

Because no matter who you are, there are always like minded people on the Internet and you can always feel like you belong; whether it's just to rant on Facebook, create artistic masterpieces or making friends for lfe.

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