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    23 Reasons Why You Should Move To Youngstown, Ohio

    Even though Youngstown gets a bad rap for many reasons. It is a city with tremendous culture, that has a lot of good food and opportunities for the future.

    1. Cookie Tables

    2. Wedding Soup

    3. Wedgewood Pizza

    4. Simply Slavic

    5. Butler Museum of American Art

    6. Mill Creek Park

    7. Youngstown Business Incubator

    8. St. Stanislaus Pierogi

    9. Commonwealth Kitchen Incubator

    10. Rust Belt Brewery and Tap House

    11. Catullo Prime Meats

    12. Increasingly Vibrant Downtown

    13. Pop Up Dinners by The Sprouted Table

    14. Youngstown has the pleasure of experiencing all four seasons

    15. Whitehouse Fruit Farm Blueberry Donuts

    16. Cost of Living

    17. High School Football (and the marching bands)

    18. Church Festivals

    19. Active Community Participation

    20. Elmton Pizza

    21. Youngstown Soup

    22. An Unbelievable History

    23. Opportunity for the Future