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    23 Reasons Why You Should Move To Youngstown, Ohio

    Even though Youngstown gets a bad rap for many reasons. It is a city with tremendous culture, that has a lot of good food and opportunities for the future.

    1. Cookie Tables

    The best thing about Youngstown weddings.

    2. Wedding Soup

    A staple as common as the house salad.

    3. Wedgewood Pizza

    4. Simply Slavic

    A newer festival in Downtown Youngstown, where you can sample many Slavic Cuisines.

    5. Butler Museum of American Art

    'Young Lincoln' Norman Rockwell. Currently on display at the Butler.

    6. Mill Creek Park

    Enjoy hiking, kayaking, exploring, and picnics in America's largest metropolitan park.

    7. Youngstown Business Incubator

    Specilizing in B2B software companies, YBI was ranked 11th best University Affiliated Business Incubator in the World.

    8. St. Stanislaus Pierogi

    This is as authentic as it gets. This church sells pierogis every Friday, September through June.

    9. Commonwealth Kitchen Incubator

    Ever had that brilliant food idea, or wanted to bring Grandma's jelly recipe to market? For around $20/hour an inspected kitchen can be used to help commercialize your food product idea.

    10. Rust Belt Brewery and Tap House

    Brewed in Youngstown, great atmosphere at their Tap House in Erie Terminal Place apartment building.

    11. Catullo Prime Meats

    Third generation family butcher shop, with an extremely knowledgeable staff. If you ever need a new recipe idea Catullo's will always have something for you.

    12. Increasingly Vibrant Downtown

    New restaurants, new apartments, new coffee shops, and a grocery store coming soon. The historic Wick Building will open up soon with new apartments.

    13. Pop Up Dinners by The Sprouted Table

    Multi-course meals, with thoughtfully sourced foods. The Sprouted table hosts a variety of pop up meals in different notable buildings around town.

    14. Youngstown has the pleasure of experiencing all four seasons

    (let's not mention the potholes that come after the snow melts)

    15. Whitehouse Fruit Farm Blueberry Donuts

    The best donuts ever.

    16. Cost of Living


    5 Bedroom, 5 Bathroom home in Youngstown's Historic 5th Avenue Distrist

    4,710 Square Feet for $185,000

    17. High School Football (and the marching bands)

    18. Church Festivals

    The best place for sausage sandwiches and legal gambling.

    19. Active Community Participation

    Phil Kidd, founder of Defend Youngstown and Youngstown Nation, has helped Youngstown shape its culture into a community of actively involved citizens.

    20. Elmton Pizza

    21. Youngstown Soup

    Soup is a community dinner that helps fund creative and beneficial projects in the Youngstown community.

    For $5, you get soup, salad, break, and a vote. The project pitched that night receiving the most votes will take home the entirety of the money collected at the door.

    22. An Unbelievable History

    The new Tyler Mahoning Valley History Center, in a building where Good Humor Ice Cream first put ice cream on a stick.

    23. Opportunity for the Future


    More millionaires were created during the Great Depression than any other time in history.

    There's more opportunity to make an impact than ever before.