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26 Signs You Were A "PBS Kids" Kid

A magical place made possible by contributions from viewers like you. Thank you!

1. You knew Boston, Massachusetts’ zip code better than your own.

PBS / Via

2. You desperately hoped your school would be featured on A Word From Us Kids.

PBS / Via

3. You wished your teacher was more like Ms. Frizzle.

4. You fancied cardigans because you wanted to be classy like Mister Rogers.

PBS / Via

5. You were fascinated by the Between the Lions opening, no matter how many times you watched it.

PBS / Via

6. You had a favorite Sesame Street character and you would fight to the death to defend them.

PBS / Via

7. You thought the Teletubbies could be kind of cute if they didn’t look so creepy.

PBS / Via

8. You knew how to stretch in the shape of a clock.

9. You choreographed your own intro in case you ever became a ZOOM cast member.

10. You had a nightmare every time Arthur’s musical episode aired because of Brain’s mental breakdown.

PBS / Via

Jekyll, Jekyll, Hyde, Jekyll, Hyde, Hyde, Jekyll! Jekyll, Jekyll, Hyde, Jekyll, Hyde!

11. You’re still confused about Zak and Wheezie.

PBS / Via

12. You owned a Barney stuffed animal and often wondered if you would be excited or scared if he actually came to life.


Do I love you Barney, do I?

13. You lived for the rap section of the Liberty’s Kids theme song, AND you knew it was by Aaron Carter which clearly made it 10x better.

14. Yubou knubew hubow tubo spubeak ubin Ububbubi Dububbubi.

PBS / Via

15. You shipped Arthur and Francine SO HARD.

PBS / Via

Ooh the PG-13 things that could have happened when they were locked in that library.

16. You questioned why two older guys wanted to hang out with a lemur.

PBS / Via

17. You always wanted someone to answer the age old question: “How DO you get to Sesame Street”?

18. You always took LeVar Burton’s word for it, even though he said you didn’t have to.

PBS / Via

19. ...and you freaked out during his guest appearance on Community.

NBCUniversal / Via

20. You enjoyed learning about classic literature more from Wishbone than you did in school.

21. You appreciated how diverse The Puzzle Place was.

22. You were constantly searching for a deer to befriend and name Walter.

23. You were slightly creeped out yet calmed by Lamb Chop.

PBS / Via

24. You knew why that sneaky Fannee Doolee liked books and not novels, pillows, not cushions, and glasses, not spectacles.

PBS / Via

25. You knew Juicy Juice was 100% juice, for 100% kids.

26. You knew all of this perfection was made possible from viewers like you. Thank You.

PBS / Via

No, no, PBS, thank YOU.

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