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22 Amazing Memories With Aisha Woodburn

A salute to the best best friend in the entire world on her 22nd birthday: Aisha Woodburn

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22. Skyping, present

Okay, so I hate that we aren't together, but I love that we can have a such virtual good time from opposite coasts! Telling jokes, swapping war stories, you paying attention to Butters over me, serenading you to sleep with Hushabye Mountain, accidentally matching, you know.

20. Recording Thrift Shop, December 2012

Contrary to my statements on the track, this was v impressive and fun -- definitely NOT amateur hour.

18. Call Me Maybe video, May 2012

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Better than Ashley, Justin, and Selena's video, obviously.

17. Felida Daze, May 2013-present

We've had so many good times just chillin' at Felida. And in my backyard. And in this raft.

"You sir are a tossah, and don't you let anyone tell you different."


16. Pepperdine Surprise, March 2011

CALIFORNIA, CALIFORNIA, HERE WE surprise Aisha while she's napping her dorm, and then go to the beach, and then go eat in the dining hall, and then go DTR on a mountaintop.

14. Birthdays

Knowing you for 16 years means I've seen a lot of your birthdays. Top two would easily be the time my mom and I refused to donate to animals as a birthday gift and your surprise party at Felida :)

13. Seaside, June 2010

We secretly got you a Seaside sweatshirt, broke in my (then) brand-new MacBook's PhotoBooth by taking approximately six million photos, I ripped my pants, and took that amazing arabesque photo. Successful beach trip I'd say.

10. Falling Asleep with Sparkling Cider Bottle, 2001

Not sure if you remember this but at Sarah's house we were all "partying" (as 4th graders do) with some sparkling apple cider down in the basement and being really loud, and Jenny came downstairs and of course we knew the drill: pretend to be asleep immediately. And YOU just cuddled up with a bottle of the apple cider and were being hilarious af and I knew in that moment we'd have to be BFF.

9. "Hey There Traves", April 2010

IF ONLY I HAD THE SOUNDCLOUD TRACK OF THIS, I would still not post it as to save some of my self-dignity and worth. But for obvious reasons, I will never forget the Fearsome Foursome snuggled up in our car listening to this and Wendi literally SILENT WHEEZE at my off-key rendition.

8. SkillsUSA, 2008-2010

Never forget: Singing rock band and being told it sounded like a dying cat, "The shield represents...", the Brain Freeze social (lololol), swing dancing, "I'm Jessica" -- "I'm...Joanne?", Sam and "Justin", "The chimp...*starts choking*", jumping photos, Kansas City and World of Fun, the stolen silver pumps, the stolen granola bars, the clogged toilet, "What's a SkillsUSA baby????", you being an amazing friend and prepping me for Creed and then sitting in for moral support :'), winning sixth at nationals, WINNNG MF THIRD PLACE AT NATIONALS, but most importantly - Long Live Andrew Zigler

6. KOIN 6 Spirit Rally, Fall 2009

When we woke up at 5:30am that fateful autumn morning, we had no idea we would be rewarded with becoming KOIN 6 celebrities at the spirit rally, have our English reading quiz cancelled, nor eat delicious donuts and drink delicious coffee. But we got all of those things and I just remember how damn happy we were.

4. Summer 2010

Cruisin' around to Track 2, performing "Tevye's Dream" for your mom's birthday, getting caught by the po-po at Chase's hot tub, waking up passed out on my living room floor at noon, nights at TJMS, and everything in between. Perfect summer send-off before heading to college.

3. Driving to school, August 2010 and August 2013

There is no one else I would have wanted to start and end my college career journey with than our Fearsome Foursome. Driving down and living it up in Vegas (VEGAS BABY YEAH!) was the best way to bookend college!

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