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    21 Touching Moments You've Shared With Netflix

    If you still had a Top 8, Netflix would sooo be #1.

    1. When you hadn’t heard of Netflix and people made fun of you:

    2. When you realized the magic that was Netflix:

    3. When you and Netflix greet each other after a long day apart:

    4. When you’re scavenging for snacks and drinks before settling into to watch Netflix:

    5. When a Netflix show’s new season is released:

    6. When you start binge watching a show:

    7. When you know you should sleep but instead rally and watch one more episode:

    8. When it taunts you with “The Next Episode Will Begin Playing in...”:

    9. When that happens five times in a row:

    10. When someone tries to make plans with you, but you’ve already made plans with Netflix:

    11. When you’re laptop battery is about to die and you start to panic:

    12. When you realize you’re an addict:

    13. When you decide to give up Netflix for a while and Netflix is all:

    14. When you try to be productive in the same room as your laptop:

    15. When you are condescendingly asked, "Are you still watching?":

    16. When someone doesn’t want to watch what you want to watch:

    17. When you get mad at the error message that pops up and Netflix is all:

    18. When Netflix recommends a cheesy ABC Family original movie when you're with friends:

    19. When Netflix recommends a cheesy ABC Family and you're by yourself:

    20. When you realize you haven’t worked out for weeks due to watching too much Netflix:

    21. When there are two people already using your account so you can’t watch anything:

    22. When they add your favorite movie:

    23. When you finish a series:

    24. When you realize you and Netflix are in this together: