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    Las Vegas Man's Miracle Recovery Questioned By His Church

    A Las Vegas church recently split over one man's miracle. Mike Persi, took his first unassisted steps in 33 years this month, and he's continuing to get stronger. But, many in his church are not happy about his improvement. Why? Because yoga is involved, and many Christians believing that yoga is evil.

    Church Denies Miracle Over Yoga Involvement / Via

    Miracles usually bring Christians together, but a Las Vegas church was recently divided by one because some members didn’t agree with the source. Abundant Living Las Vegas, recently saw a miracle, when Mike Persi, who had been unable to walk without assistance for 33 years, was finally able to take his first steps.

    While many members of the Abundant Living Las Vegas congregation, including Pastor Bob Perry, are thrilled and feel that this is a miracle, others are not so sure, and have left the church as a result. This story of one man’s healing brings to light a national controversy that exists among Christians as to whether yoga is something that Christian’s should partake in. Many believers are at best skeptical of yoga, based on yoga’s roots in Eastern religion. As Mike Persi is beginning to walk again, many feel this miracle is not of God, but rather of a different, potentially evil, source. Pastor Bob Perry continues to support Mike and his path to recovery. When Mike came to him with questions about yoga, Perry says “I told Mike to pray, to hear from God, and to be led by peace.” Perry says he’s been very impressed with how Mike has handled this controversy and not let him sway him from his goals. Of those who have left the church because Perry’s choice to support yoga, Perry had this to say “They are well-meaning people who have listened to myths and wrong teachings of the Bible…”

    Some questioned whether or not the yogi, Mitch, is a Christian. In speaking to Mitch Menik he made it clear that he is a born-again Christian, and that he truly believes that without God Mike's healing wouldn’t happen. Regardless of your thoughts on mixing yoga and Christianity, no one can refute Mike's recovery. And as far as he, Mike, Pastor Bob, and Mitch are concerned yoga and Christianity can coexist, and this may just be a message from God that He will work in whatever way he chooses, and it is not for man to question.