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The Definitive Ranking Of Sour Apple Candy

Because not all artificially flavored sweets are created equal.

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10. Now & Laters

Via Ferrara USA/

Slightly more sour (aka better) flavor than Laffy Taffy, but a wannabe Starburst. I'm also pretty sure that I consumed one in 1996 and it's still attached to my upper right molar.


8. Caramel Apple Pops

Via Tootsie/

The perfect combo of sour apple and sweet caramel. And even though my sister cracked her tooth on one in first grade (which required her to get braces), she has never looked back.

7. Trolli Apple-O's

Via Trolli

What this lacks in sour, it makes up for in amazingly soft texture. I don't "O" over them (false advertising), but eating these after a week of clean eating can definitely cause a semi.

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