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    What Does “Success Mindset” Really Mean?

    Anita Heidema Mindset Coach and Business Strategist to Entrepreneurs

    What Does “Success Mindset” Really Mean?


    Are you a fan of The Matrix?

    You know the scene when Trinity resurrects Neo’s dead body with a kiss, and Neo finally realizes – and fully believes – he is the One, and then he defeats Agent Smith?

    Or, perhaps you relate more to The Wizard of Oz – remember the scene when Dorothy melts the Wicked Witch of the West with a bucket of water?

    These are obviously two very different stories, but what do these scenes have in common? They both describe the climax of the story – the part when the protagonist finally realizes he or she had the power within them, all along.

    In business (and in life), we are constantly chasing this part of our story – the turning point, the “ahha moment.”

    “Your #ahhamoment is like the climax of your story. It’s your turning point.” - @anitaheidema #AskAnita

    The success mindset is what helps you reach this point. It’s the ability to train your brain to look at different areas in life you want to change, and understand what steps you need to put in place to move forward.

    How can you turn that switch in your brain? This is what today’s Ask Anita* is all about.

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    You’ll walk away with:

    * Dreams to fuel your business

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    Do you have a question about life as an entrepreneur? Shoot me a message at Connect with me on Facebook or send me a tweet (@anitaheidema) and discover your #ahhamoment with me!

    To Your Success and Happiness,


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