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    The Power Of Habit

    Anita Heidema Mindset Coach and Business Strategist to Entrepreneurs How I Went from Corporate Stress to Entrepreneurial Success

    How I Went from Corporate Stress to Entrepreneurial Success

    You can achieve enormous success by altering your habits by Anita HeidemaI spent much of my early career climbing the corporate ladder. The position came with all of the perks – the fancy title, the large expense account, the box seats at sporting events.

    In May of 2009, I found myself going from 6-figures to zero in a matter of days. I remember sitting at the kitchen counter with my face in my hands, wondering how in the world I would turn my life back around.

    Then I started making a change.

    "You can achieve enormous success by altering your habits," says @anitaheidema. #AskAnita

    I began the transition to entrepreneurship, one step at a time. I started chasing a new dream – one that involved running a million-dollar a year business coaching other entrepreneurs with big plans for their life and work.

    Now, I'm where I want to be. And I got here through the power of habit.

    You can achieve enormous success by altering your habits. Here's how:

    Set up a simple plan.

    Perhaps you recognize the endorphins from a morning workout help inspire new ideas and allow you to work smarter. But you haven't been able to stick with a morning workout routine.

    * The change should be gradual at first. Begin by waking up just 15 minutes earlier than usual. After a few days, adjust to waking up another 15 minutes earlier, then another 15 minutes after that.

    * Set a reminder each morning. Leave a note by your alarm clock with a motivating phrase or image that will trigger you to push yourself out of bed.

    Reward yourself.

    Sometimes the reward is part of the goal itself; you know you'll be more productive in your workday when you begin with a morning workout. But take it a step further.

    * Reward yourself with a delicious smoothie; one you only make for yourself on the days you wakeup early for your morning workout. Or perhaps your reward is the quiet time you revel in before the kids wake up. Make it enticing; something you won't want to go without.

    Strive for 21 days.

    Research shows it takes 21 days to build a new habit. How will you get there?

    * Use a calendar to highlight the point of 21-days, then cross off each day you complete your habit leading up to that point. The simple act of crossing a day off of the calendar hanging above your desk can have a huge impact on your success.

    Visualize the results.

    Program your subconscious mind to imagine how you will feel when you achieve your goal.

    * Add a negative to the bad behaviour. When you miss a workout, you feel sluggish and tend to lose motivation at work.

    * Think about how strong and healthy you will feel after just one month of your new workout routine. Imagine how much better you will be at the work you do.

    It takes one new habit to change your life. By building the right habits into your day, and developing a plan of action and reward, you can achieve your dream business. If you need help figuring out what those habits are, and how you can make your vision for success a reality, join the Powerful Goal Setting to Successful Habits audio today at a special discounted rate. Together with our Free Simple Goal setting template you are that much closer to success and positive life changing habits in your life.

    Have questions about business and life? I want to hear from you! Email me at Connect with me on Facebook or send me a tweet (@anitaheidema).

    To Your Success and Happiness,


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