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    3 Ways To Make Better Choices

    One thing I know for sure is that we have Choices in this lifetime. We have the Freedom of speech. We have the Freedom to act. We have choice!!!!


    By Anita Heidema Mindset Coach and Strategist to Career & Business Minded Individuals

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    One thing I know for sure is that we have Choices in this lifetime. We have the Freedom of speech.

    We have the Freedom to act.

    We have choice!!!!

    Now I am not saying that choice is easy….Especially when we are fearful…..It might make us shake in our boots to make a change. Many times that fear holds us back from making that choice and change.

    We just dream and let the years tick away……Wah……

    Don't let that happen to you… Do you want a better life, career, business, relationships for yourself? Then start with these steps below.

    Know what it is your really want!!! Is this what you really want? You have to truly feel it in your bones. This better BLANK in your life…This better BLANK in your career…. In your relationships… In your business where you earn an amazing living and truly have the freedom to live how you want. What is it you truly want????

    To be clear on this is so important……

    As many of you know I believe in meditation and journaling. You would be surprised how powerful it can be. I have a free meditation on my site if you want to try it out here. Stress free meditation

    Get a pen and paper out now and write what comes to you. Where do you see yourself in 6 months. Close your eyes and really see it. Is this truly what you want? You have started step one. As I always say life isn't black and white and there might be some tweaking along the way. At least you have started. Bravo…

    The choice that you made now needs to take root. Now comes the bit of structure part of the process. I call it action and attraction. It all sounds pretty easy as I write it but I know all of this take time and discipline. We need the positive mindset we can do it and we need to have the determination to keep going. Our mind will play tricks on us. Tells us we can't do it or we aren't good enough. Even sometimes our loved ones. We need to keep focused and on course. This is where my coaching comes in and most of my clients love.

    It's the accountability.

    If you really want something you do what it takes to plan the steps you need to get there. Breaking down to bite size pieces. More in depth info I send in my newsletters for my elite members that you can sign up for free

    For PART 2 lets set the plan of bit size pieces to get you to what you want. Add to your agenda or planner. Get started NOW….Make your choice a reality

    You need to keep motivated. You need to keep all in your life balanced or you will give up. You need to build those habits that are like brushing your teeth every morning. Once you have reached a milestone you need to reward yourself. What is it that will make you keep going? Remember Rome wasn't built in a day. Keep going…..You can do it…..

    You need to add action and attraction you your world and before you know it you will be successful…….

    Take action today to bring success in your life. Why is it some are the author of their lives and others let the days pass away with no focus or enjoyment. Success and Happiness can be yours.

    Thanks for join us.

    To your Success and Happiness,


    Anita Heidema is a mindset coach, strategist and founder of Amazon Best Selling Author of

    Vitality Knocks, creator of 21 Day Journey to Success, Getaway to Find Your Way Journeys, Speaker and Writer.

    To book Anita for Coaching, Training, Speaking or Book Signings…. contact

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