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27 Useful Products Around $100 Our Readers Actually Swear By

Splurges — most under $100 — worth the money.

Natalie Brown 6 hours ago

23 Good, Wholesome, And Pure Tumblr Posts To Brighten Your Day

"Babies have a lot of things to put in pockets like…….their Very Small Hands……a single ravioli……"

34 Coming-Of-Age Movies That Were So Good People Watched Them Dozens Of Times

" Napoleon Dynamite always makes me laugh and captures all of the awkwardness of high school."

18 "Why Do Southerners..." Tweets That Not Even I, A Southerner, Have An Answer For

I'm from Arkansas and I literally do all of these things. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Josie Ayre 13 minutes ago
Arielle Calderon 2 hours ago

16 Times Astrology Twitter Gloriously Dragged Straight Men

"I think we can all agree the worst zodiac sign is men."

Syd Robinson 47 minutes ago
Shelby Heinrich 1 hour ago
Hanifah Rahman 2 hours ago

100 Jokes About Adulthood That Are Funny, But Also Sting A Little Bit

"The retirement age needs to be lowered to 25. I've had enough."

Jon-Michael Poff 3 hours ago

33 Grooming Products With Before-And-After Photos Any Makeover Fan Will Probably Want To See

Mascara that doesn't smudge *and* lasts all day? You love to see it.

Melanie Aman 17 minutes ago

I Took Myself On A Bunch Of Solo Dates This Year, And These Were The 9 Best Places To Do It

Going to fancy restaurants, concerts, and even *Italy* alone was equal parts scary and thrilling — but here’s what I learned along the way about making QT with No. 1 the best it can be.

Delia Cai 2 hours ago

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31 Of The Scariest Movies From This Decade

You'll probably want to sleep with the lights on after watching these.

Casey Rackham 31 minutes ago
Daniella Emanuel 1 hour ago
Kayla Suazo 3 hours ago

17 Tweets From British Twitter That Made Me Laugh Out Loud This Week

" Fleabag is just Miranda but for people who got a 2:1 in their degree"

Hanifah Rahman 6 hours ago

Just 44 Products That’ll Probably Make You Feel Extremely Fancy

As Queen Bey once sang, 🎶Let me upgrade you🎶

Yi Yang 1 hour ago

It's Almost Impossible To Make It Past Level 15 On This Never-Ending Muppets Quiz

WARNING: This is the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, Muppetational quiz you'll ever take!

Sarah Aspler 1 hour ago
Rebecca O'Connell 5 hours ago
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