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"It Looks Cool But Tastes Off": People Are Sharing Their Spicy Takes On The Food Trends They Want Gone, And I'm Curious Where You Stand On These

"You should be able to eat it with one hand. Not two hands with one bracing it from the side to stop a tower of leafy greens from falling over into your lap."

Food trends come and go, and while some are welcomed with open arms, others...not so much. Everyone eventually hits their breaking point once they've scrolled past the seventh feta pasta recipe they've seen that day. So when redditor u/MineralWaterMike asked the r/AskReddit community to share the food trend they wish would disappear, people were eager to share their hot takes. Here are a few they mentioned.

1. "Twenty-dollar soaking wet, average-ass burgers with no sides."

Close-up of a hand holding a partially eaten hamburger with lettuce and condiments

2. "'Comment 'recipe' and I'll send it straight to your DMs!' Could you just put the recipe in your Instagram caption, please?"


3. "Sandwiches that are too big/tall."

A towering burger with multiple beef patties, cheese slices, bacon, and sauce on a bun

4. "Wagyu. Deep-fried wagyu steak, wagyu burger, describing something as 'the wagyu of turkey,' wagyu at Arby's, etc."


5. "Deconstructing. Don't get me wrong; I love fine dining. I just think it is lazy and unimaginative 99% of the time."

A plate with a cracker topped with cheese beside a spoonful of baked beans

6. "The TikTok and Instagram people that just throw random things into a foil pan with an obscene amount of cheese and call it cooking. Stop that."


7. "Food trucks costing the same as a brick-and-mortar restaurant and asking for tips while you have to sit on some hard-ass curb to eat your food."

Customer at a food truck window placing an order with the vendor inside

8. "A fast-food meal costing $15–$20 per person."


"At this point, fast food isn't much cheaper than proper restaurants. Why would I go all the way to McDonald's to eat a sad, unsatisfying burger when I could spend about €4 more and get a much bigger and tastier burger in a local restaurant? If I just want cheap food, I'll go to a local takeaway. In my experience, they're cheaper than fast food chains for the amount of food you get."


9. "I'm ready to see the charcoal-infused food trend disappear. It looks cool but tastes off."

Person holding a cone with black ice cream

10. "Street food, but in a high-end setting and for three to four times the price."


"I want my $3 tacos back."


11. "Overly elaborate milkshakes."

Over-the-top milkshake topped with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, cookie chunks, and a large cookie

12. "Dipping expensive seafood in cheese. Why?"


"Agreed! Lobster is lost in mac 'n' cheese."


13. "Coffee shouldn't be loaded with sugar and syrups. While we're at it, we should just cap the cost of a coffee at $5."

Iced latte with caramel drizzle in a clear cup, custom order sticker visible

14. "Combining things and calling it a 'bowl.' No, you're eating a salad with maybe chicken or salmon — not a fancy super-food bowl with high protein."


15. "Very expensive cuts of meat that used to be dirt cheap. Wings, flank steak, brisket, pork shoulder, etc."

Packaged Kirkland beef brisket with price and sell-by date label, indicating it's USDA choice

16. "Videos of people smashing and ripping apart baked goods. Yeah, it's nice to see what the inside looks like, but not if you're smooshing it like an overgrown toddler. Slice it open like a civilized adult."


17. "Hot honey. Like, it's good, but not on everything."

A person holding a bottle of Mike's Hot Honey infused with chilies

18. "Menu 'hacks' by people who don't understand the meaning of the term. Like, all you did was add ranch to your bacon Western cheeseburger, Tiffany."


"'Secret menu items' annoy me as well. It's not a secret menu item; you just bought like three different things, put it together, and called it a secret menu item."


19. "Weird croissants."

Assorted croissants with toppings on a tray in a bakery display. Some have a chocolate chip topping

20. "Salted caramel. Please just give me caramel and stop dumping sea salt on it. Can we just have caramel again, please? Ninety-nine percent of all caramel iterations I see now are salted."


21. "Over-saucing. The sauce complements good food; it shouldn't be a coverup for bland food (looking at you, Raising Cane's chicken)."

Raising Cane's cup filled with sauce on a desk with a laptop in the background

22. "Sports or concert arenas having 'gourmet food.' They'll have some $20, 2,000-calorie burger that's too sloppy to eat in one of those tiny seats. Just keep it simple in that setting, IMO."


23. "Dairy alternatives having an upcharge. I'm not trying to be trendy; I'm trying to go about the rest of my day without shitting my pants."

Menu board displaying a variety of hot lattes, iced lattes, cold brews, and tea options with prices at a coffee shop

What food trend are you tired of seeing? Let us know in the comments, or fill out this anonymous form!