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30 Cheap Solutions To Expensive Problems

Fix some of the problems in your life *without* breaking the bank.

Yi Yang • 4 hours ago

Is Billie Eilish Really That “Weird”?

The teen singer transitioned from streaming darling to full-fledged pop star this summer. But is her success as groundbreaking as it seems?

Pier Dominguez • just now

Are These Favours For Other People Reasonable Or Ridiculous?

Would you help someone move house?

Remee Patel • 35 minutes ago

12 Photos That Are Juuuust Slightly Off, And 12 "Fixed" Versions That Are Satisfying

First you'll be like "AARGH!" But then you'll be like "Ahhhh, nice."

Andy Golder • 24 minutes ago
nadjima • 58 minutes ago
Rachel Dunkel • 38 minutes ago

What Pizza Place Is Your State Famous For?

Pizza is love, pizza is life.

Shelby Heinrich • 2 hours ago

25 School Supplies Under $10 That Are Actually Worth The Money

You won't have to ~study~ these long to know they'll help make your school year great.

Mallory Mower • 2 hours ago

A Man Wanted On Child Sex Assault Charges Disappeared 3 Years Ago. Police Found Him In A Solar-Powered Bunker

Jeremiah Button had been living since 2016 off trash in a hideout, complete with solar energy and a well. When people saw him, he pretended he was a hiker.

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What Kind Of Orgasms Do You Have?

To each their own!

Luis Del Valle • 11 hours ago

Hong Kong Protesters Are Worried About Facial Recognition Technology. But There Are Many Other Ways They're Being Watched.

“We don’t know what this government can do. We don’t know what these police can do."

Rosalind Adams • 3 hours ago
Natalie Brown • 4 hours ago
Elizabeth Lilly • 3 hours ago

Which Celebrity Couples Do You Constantly Forget Are Together?

I ALWAYS forget about Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen.

Jeremy Corbyn Is The Social Media King That Boris Johnson Is Yet To Match

Boris Johnson has a long way to go to match the size and engagement of his rival’s online support base, a news analysis for BuzzFeed News reveals.

Alex Spence • 1 hour ago

22 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

From the violent clashes between protesters and police in Hong Kong to the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival, these are the most striking and memorable pictures from this past week.


What Actually Helped You Get (And Stay) Fit?

Help us help others.


28 Little Things You Can Add To Your Apartment To Make It Feel Like Home

Get ready to never want to leave your apartment again.

Kayla Boyd • 12 hours ago
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