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So cheap, so satisfying.

Emmy Favilla • 9 hours ago

Proof that everyone on Twitter is a comedian.

Hanifah Rahman • just now

Thank you, Brent.

Joshua Moradel • 33 minutes ago

*Cue "Home Alone" face.*

Allie Hayes • 14 minutes ago

We laughed, we cried, we gasped — here are the moments we can’t forget from Infinity War, Jane the Virgin, Widows, and more. Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS ahead.

Louis Peitzman • 4 hours ago

This will be quick.

Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus are scheduled on Tuesday to visit the remote station where Jakelin Caal was held.

John Stanton • 44 minutes ago

Carrie snapped.

Ryan Schocket • 37 minutes ago

What do you want for Christmas?

anyagreenhalgh • 3 hours ago

Go green!


Get ready to feel festive and also kinda confused.

Jamie Jones • 2 hours ago

"More than 80 percent voted for change, so change there will be."

Talal Ansari • 37 minutes ago
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Have a happy Hufflepuff holiday.

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Pets everywhere are giving this stuff four paws up.

Emmy Favilla • 1 hour ago

"Welcome to the party, pal!"

anyagreenhalgh • 2 hours ago

You can't help but wonder.

carolinecahill • 4 hours ago

Outside researchers provide the deepest look yet at Russian efforts to influence American politics in reports released by the Senate Intelligence Committee Monday.

Emma Loop • 4 hours ago

"My dearest Meg Ryan..."

Alana Mohamed • 1 hour ago

It's harder than you think...

It's the most wonderful, and dramatic, time of the year.

Jasmin Nahar • 9 hours ago

It's in the stars.

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