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New year, new wardrobe — obviously.

Kayla Suazo • 3 hours ago

David Steven Bell was arrested and has been charged with assault.

Tanya Chen • 8 hours ago

In the best possible way.




Maybe you know the words for this stuff.

Matthew Perpetua • 2 hours ago

“I said I didn’t plan this because I’m dumb, but that’s not true. I didn’t plan well because I didn't know,” Instagram influencer Caroline Calloway told BuzzFeed News.

Katie Notopoulos • 5 hours ago

"I almost died on a zip line."

Joshua Moradel • 5 hours ago

Oddly enough, we're living in a time where Panic! At The Disco has the biggest hit of their careers since "I Write Sins Not Tragedies."

Matt Stopera • 5 hours ago

Am I doing this right?

Matt Kiebus • 1 hour ago

She had a lifetime of movie credits long before Stranger Things.

Jenna Guillaume • 16 minutes ago

Say it with me now: it's MY vagina. Contains spoilers!

Jenna Guillaume • 1 hour ago
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The truth is in the toaster.

Jon-Michael Poff • 2 hours ago

You can get your Oscar fix here.


These pictures are the best. THE BEST.

Matt Stopera • 7 hours ago

The singer alleges in a lawsuit that her father attempted to secure multimillion-dollar deals in her name without her knowledge.

Claudia Rosenbaum • 3 hours ago

Love is dead! (In chronological order.)

Example: Airdropping a dirty meme to your prof.

"When I'm in the car, I talk to myself as if I'm being interviewed."

Christopher Hudspeth • 3 hours ago

Grandmas with zero filter are the best.

Ryan Schocket • 7 hours ago

This year might just turn out OK.

Brad Esposito • 15 minutes ago
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