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35 Times Customers Proved That They Are Unquestionably The Absolute Dumbest People On Planet Earth

You haven't lived until a customer looks you dead in the eye and asks how big the 12 inch pizza is.

If you have ever worked in the service industry, it's no secret that one of the absolute worst parts of the job is the wide variety of customers you come across literally EVERY single day.

Here's proof that customers can be some of, and just might be, the dumbest people on the planet:

1. On pizzas:

Meme with a man giving a disbelieving look in response to a question about the size of a 12-inch pizza

2. On pancakes:

Social media post sharing a customer service experience with text: "Had the dumbest customer Ever!! He says, 'If I order 2 Pancakes, how many will I get?'" Expressive emojis included

3. On fish:

A tweet joking about a customer who asked which fish a filet mignon comes from

4. On cocktails:

A screenshot of a text message joking about a guest misunderstanding a shrimp cocktail as a drink

5. On sizing:

Tweet showing confusion over someone asking which coffee size is larger, medium or large

6. On blue cheese:

Text about a customer not realizing a salad ordered with blue cheese would have mold. Customer asked for a manager

7. On pricing:

"He didn't buy the item."

8. On doneness:

Tweet recounting a customer ordering a dozen chicken wings "medium-rare," expressing disbelief

9. On fine wines:

A screenshot of a social media post sharing a humorous story about a customer misunderstanding the pronunciation of 'Corkage Fee.'

10. On mozzarella sticks:

"A customer asked me what kind of cheese is in our mozzarella sticks... Ummm"

11. On wings:

Screenshot of a social media post discussing a humorous exchange about the temperature of boneless wings

12. On precise amounts:

The image shows a tweet reading a humorous statement about a silly question regarding a 2-piece meal

13. On steak cuts:

Tweet expressing disbelief over a customer not knowing the size difference between a 6oz and 8oz filet

14. On fine dining:

A screenshot of a social media comment where a user jokes about confusing 'lettuce' with 'l'e tu che'

15. On shades:

person thinking lighter wiine meant weight

16. On mimosas:

"She was not joking."

17. On shrimp:

A Facebook post sharing a story about a guest who ordered Baked Parmesan Shrimp and later said they were allergic to small shrimp

18. On pasta:

Tweet  joking about someone asking if pasta salad contains pasta

19. On those subtle differences

Social media post mocking a customer's question about portion sizes, humorously stating the obvious difference

20. On BLTs:

Conversation about a BLT, one person is allergic to bacon, implying the food won't be great for them

21. On deals:

"Can I still have it?"

22. On hardware stores:

"Man, y'all don't know how to treat customers."

23. On seafood:

A screenshot of a message recounting a story about a guest's reaction to seafood stew ingredients

24. On mixed drinks:

Text from an online conversation joking about ordering a drink with Tito's vodka at a bar

25. On convenience:

Twitter post reacting humorously to a typical drive-thru order request

26. On gluten free dishes:

Post sharing a humorous exchange about a guest's gluten allergy and ordering an IPA beer

27. On eating outside:

"Get out."

28. On Uncle Arnie:

Facebook post discussing what an Arnold Palmer drink is

29. On axes:

customer complaining a knife is too sharp

30. On nachos and burgers:

Facebook post sharing a humorous conversation about not having a kitchen but providing menus to local places

31. On delicious drinks:

Image of a social media sharing a humorous anecdote about a bartender's literal interpretation of a virgin martini order

32. On garden salads:

A screenshot of a social media post sharing a humorous exchange about a garden salad without cheese

33. On Dunkin Donuts:

Image about a customer asking if Dunkin' sells donuts

34. On mochas:

"And he was like no I want a mocha."

35. And on flying:

"I just replied if we stopped we'd be dead hun"