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    • 999lohk

      I’m going to skip the mirror as I want the birds to land so I can shoot them. (sling shot to be more sporting, pellet gun for more fun, and shotgun so you can say you killed 2 birds with 1 stone… well you get it. As for the bees, everyone gets a fly swatter and the last one to 10 kills has to keep one alive on their hand for 10 seconds. (if it’s still alive, of course then kill it) Seriously losers, read the article and take what you like. Add it to your yard or don’t. Give your own good ideas or don’t. But please stop the wine and cheese about the birds and the bees. Go to a save the bees/birds forum and find like minded people and a place where people will want to hear your crap. This is NOT that! GO HORNETS!!

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