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  • Funny Song About Facebook “On Facebook”

    Hello! We’re 91384, an alternative hip hop / rock & roll group, representing for the 661. We’re announcing the launch of our 2nd release, ‘Can’t Stop the Beat!’, featuring the hit song ‘On Facebook’. What makes 91384 different? stars power? Song quality? For one: g.mak is registered as the ‘Oldest Active White Rapper’ with the Guiness Book of World Records. Second, this record has been test marketed to mulitple industry professionals, including the entire Matchbox 20 band and crew and given an enthusiastic two thumbs up! The band is highly entertaining live … . We’ve been selected to audition for ‘America’s Got Talent’s’ next season. We have the music, the video, the talent and the desire. Don’t you want to be in the 91384? Our first album ‘Game On’ spawned a local mini-hit with ‘Castaic—We Got the Lake’. Our new record is registered and available on itunes and CD BABY. We are proud to launch the debut single from ‘Can’t Stop the Beat’—‘On Facebook’, with a really fun, slightly retro video, guaranteed to make you smile … . We’re interested in representation, promotion and distribution. Licensing for television, film and commercials are also of great interest. If you want to be in the 91384, you can call [number] OR, hit us up ‘On Facebook’! CO-D & g.mak—91384 aka: CO-D—Cody Clark, producer / engineer / songwriter / chief rapper / drums, guitars, keyboards g.mak—Gary Maki, lead vocalist / keyboards / 2nd rapper Hello Sherry my name is Cody Clark I am a song writer and producer. I write and record my own music. I’m in a Los Angeles based group called 91384. We have just released our 2nd Album on iTunes. We write songs in many diffrent styles. We have Rock, Hip Hop and Dance tracks. So with that said we need help. I am looking for consultation. Please check out the links I have provided below.

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