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    • 82ndpara

      Is it ugly? Yes.. Is there a degree of truth to it? Yes.. Do I believe in all it? No..What I do believe.. Man is one of the few predator species that preys upon itself. So people will always fuck each over for a profit, gain or revenge. So it doesn’t matter if he or she is black or white or whatever. People are stupid. There are no good guys or bad guys anymore. It’s all about the haves and the haves ‘not. And nobody gives a fuck if it does not affects them directly. When a person or people see something they don’t understand or it’s different they fear it. I’ve had the privilege of moving about several different cultures as a trooper. Living with them working with them. And, you want to know what I’ve always saw as a constant? Children. They don’t feed on our negativity. They are pure and good across the entire planet…Until we as adults start to encode the bullshit. So “whoever” will spout what they believe is truth.

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