The Top 10 Funniest Farts In Live TV History

When are farts no longer funny? When they’re in front of millions of people. Then they’re hilarious.

10. Live With Re-Gas and Kelly

YouTube / Via

Good morning, Reeg.

9. Farting Idol

You just gotta own up to it, eh?

8. ¡Ay, Caramba!

We don’t need a translator to know what happened here.

7. Passing More Than A Bill

Proof that government TV is full of old farts.

6. BBC Breakfast Special

The accusatory head-turn! The old man laughing at the end!

5. Leslie Neilson Lets One Loose

“Slip something in” alright…

4. The “Whoopi” Cushion

Poor Claire Danes.

3. Every Yogi’s Worst Fear

Just let it flow, girl. Let it flow.

2. Swedish News Surprise

Sometimes you have to laugh at yourself…uncontrollably.

1. An “Explosive” News Story

Okay, this isn’t a fart. It’s so much more.

If there were a Farting Olympics…

These guys would all take the gold.

Be glad it wasn’t you.

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