20 Bits Of Advice For Foreigners Moving To Taiwan

Heads up to foreigners planning on moving to Taiwan. There are some things you just can't be better prepared for...

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Accept that you will never be Taiwanese.

Try to accept the fact that you will always be a foreigner no matter what you do: no matter how good your Chinese is, no matter how little you eat at McDonalds...

But still try...

If you’re the opposite of that and have no interest in Chinese language or culture, entertain becoming curious? For example, try not to always eat at Subway, or…learn Taiqi?

Never email a Taiwanese person.

If you need to get a hold of a potential employer, your landlord, or anyone else important - call. Read: Taiwanese people do not check or respond to emails.

Don't be surprised when strangers add you on Facebook. Their profile picture will probably look something like this:

In Taiwan, there is a phenomenon of "online friends," people who are not friends in real life, only on the internet.

Be wary of your behavior in public.

People might take a "street shot" (街拍) and post it on the internet. If the gossip media picks up on it, you could become a bad kind of famous over night.

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