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Recycled Percussion Heads To The Quad Showroom!

You have seen them live on the hit television series America’s Got Talent, you may have seen their hit show at the heart of The Strip, but now is your chance to see Recycled Percussion in a whole new way!

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Check Out The Quads Newest Resident Show!

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Saturday January 26th the group will be performing their opening night at their brand new home at The Quad (Formerly Known as Imperial Palace). The difference this time around is the group now has the help of the Las Vegas’ number 1 producer, David Saxe! With his help, Recycled Percussion is taking their show from a display of raw talent to a Strip Production ready to compete with the best evening shows in Vegas. The show will feature new and improved stunts and antics from Americas favorite Rhythm masters, Justin Spencer, Ryan Vezina, Matt Bowman on Guitar and last but not least D.J. Todd Griffin!

"It can't be a whole new show. It took us 15 years to write the first one and we came up with the second one in two months," says group founder Justin Spencer. So fans rejoice, because the band will playing their same brand of Junk Rock they have been for years, the only difference now is aesthetic and exactly the right atmosphere to compliment the group’s loud and aggressive style. So don’t expect a totally different show, just and louder, brighter and more bombastic version of the group’s original routine.

The group has managed to compile a pretty hefty resume performing on the college entertainment circuit and for private and corporate events. After years of perfecting and fine-tuning their performance Recycled Percussion landed a dream spot on the hit show America’s Got Talent. Beating out over 100,000 competitors they managed to make it to last set of final rounds to which they would be hailed as the only non-singing group to ever make their way to the final phase of the contest. Gaining fans from all over the country, the group decided to make a permanent stay in Las Vegas and show the whole world just what Junk Rock is all about. Moving through the Vegas ranks, the guys proved they had just what it took to make it big, and here enters David Saxe!

Adding a whole new production value to growing routine, the group has officially upgraded the show to “Death-Defying”. Yes, I said death-defying as the athletic element of the group’s versatile nature can’t be denied! Jumping from twelve foot ladders while staying in rhythm and Hanging from the ceiling and defying gravity while they smash mind crippling drum solo’s are just a couple ways R.P. will take your breath away in this brand new show brought to you by the one and only David Saxe. So don’t miss out on your chance to see the vaunted A.G.T. veterans, Recycled Percussion give their show a Vegas style upgrade!

Opening night is January 26th, 2013 only at The Quad Showroom! If you can’t make it for opening night then don’t worry, the group will be performing nightly showings except for Fridays, so you will have plenty of time to see one of the Strips most innovative new shows! So get your tickets to the critically acclaimed show Recycled Percussion today!

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