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Gregory Popovich Returns To Las Vegas

Known throughout Vegas as the most beloved family show in town, there is much more to this spectacular show than most people realize. We want to give you an inside look at what makes Popovich Comedy Pet Theater both entertaining and educational.

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Gregory Popovich is more than just a world champion juggler and animal trainer. He is also an advocate for the adoption and caring of shelter animals. Popovich believes that every animal has it's own personality and those that are left in shelter need to be given a second chance and the chance to show the world just how incredible they can be. His bond with animals goes beyond that of the ones that we have with our pets. He treats each animals he rescues and puts in his act like family and has a unique relationship with each one so he knows their personalities and is able to teach them tricks that showcase their already amazing talents. He has the ability to turn any animal into a Las Vegas headliner.

Once his furry co-stars are ready for the big time he introduces them into the show and lets them strut their stuff. Cats, dogs, birds and everything in between can be seen in Comedy Pet Theater. In addition to the animals, Popovich also gets a chance to showcase his own skills as a performer. Growing up in a family of circus artists, he quickly learned juggling and some acrobatics and had a very successful solo act. He went on to win numerous awards and competitions and eventually added animals into the mix. The result was a show that was both stunning and inspiring. The show not only provides entertainment for the audience, it sends them home with an important message that Popovich hopes will have them rescue a shelter animal. Give them a second chance at life and a chance to show the world just what they are made of.

Comedy Pet Theater is one of the many family-friendly shows that have been popping up in Vegas the last few years. Don't miss your chance to see this incredible show and give your family an experience that will last a lifetime.

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