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Adam Tucker Will Blow You Away With His McGraw, Only In Country Superstars!

Country Superstars has recently made one of the biggest moves in the show’s history, coming from the Golden Nugget to the famous V Theater in Planet Hollywood. The move helped to propel the show to new heights as all the fantastic tribute stars prove they are as talented as their imagined counterparts!

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Adam Tucker is Tim McGraw!

If you are not familiar with Country Superstars, it's a show displaying the talents of the some of America's greatest country stars, from the before the Sound-scan era and beyond it: Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, Willie Nelson, Miranda Lambert, Reba McEntyre and more! Every night the cast rotates so you get a different show no matter when you go!

Today we highlight one of the fantastic tribute stars that help to propel Country Superstars to one of the most beloved Country tributes in Vegas, Adam D. Tucker! Adam has been performing in the show since it began its run over 2 and a half years ago. Now playing six nights a week at the V Theater, Adam also gets a chance to showcase some of his personal music to audiences, claiming the move was a huge career boost. Tucker's McGraw tribute includes hits such as "I Love It, I Like It," "Don't Take the Girl," "Live Like You Were Dying," "Felt Good on My Lips" and "Real Good Man."

Adam portrays McGraw with the fervor of a fan though, claiming he's been a huge fan since McGraw's early days and the release of his first hit single in 1992. "I'm a huge, huge fan," Tucker asserts. "It has nothing to do about me tryin' to be someone else. I honestly love singing Tim McGraw music every night, and I honestly love hearing every Tim McGraw song on the radio. I'll be that way until the day I die."

Tucker claims his McGraw voice came naturally, and over the past 2 years he has attended McGraw shows for "business" purposes to help his act out. Tucker launched his singing career in 2003, he says after he attended a country tribute show he deemed the McGraw tribute to be lacking. Noting how angry he was, he decided he was going to try and do it better! After a few years of making the rounds and recording original tracks, Adam would soon hit the next level. In 2005 he would end up as an opening act in Nashville landing auditions, recording demos, and after a couple years of successes Adam finally put together his dream McGraw act. Within a year of devising his routine Adam landed a spot in Las Vegas and signed his first contract.

It can't be easy trying to replicate the voice of one the best recording artists of all time, but Adam Tucker does it with style and skill! So don't miss out on your chance to see this skilled country star portray his favorite artist and don't forget the other stars in the show! So get your tickets to Country Superstars today and live a night of rock and fun only at V Theater!

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Check out this preview of Adam Tucker doing what he does best!

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