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11 Stages Of Being The Worst Kind Of Student Ever

everyone hates you because YOU DO NOTHING but STILL SUCCEED.

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1. You can be very easily distracted

2. You are way too sociable for you to even have enough time to contemplate doing work

3. 'I can do that later' is your favourite phrase. Ever.

4. You're a bit TOO relaxed. Like, you only have 3 days until deadline, you should at least do SOMETHING

5. Everything that wasn't important before is SO important now - like videos of cats

6. You're getting a bit too over-confident...

7. You aren't as intelligent as you think...

8. ...but make out you know EVERYTHING

9. You then rush to complete everything in a ridiculous amount of time and shun EVERYONE

10. You blame everyone else entirely because you are convinced you've failed

11. But the cycle continues when you realise you've passed and feel like THE KING OF THE WORLD


but everyone else who has revised constantly agrees that

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