21 Moments From Teen Dramas That Made Us Go "WTF?"

    None from Riverdale this time, because honestly it's an outlier.

    1. On Gossip Girl, when Russel kidnapped Blair and tried to blow her up, then Chuck saved her and they decided to celebrate at a stranger's Bar Mitzvah.

    2. Also on Gossip Girl, when Blair made a deal with God to keep Chuck alive if she stayed with Louis???

    3. Also when Rufus dated Ivy, who had pretended to be his niece Charlotte Rhodes, for YEARS?

    4. On Pretty Little Liars, when A STOLE Emily's eggs and implanted them into Alison?

    5. Also on Pretty Little Liars, when the girls went to Ravenswood and met Mrs. Grunwald and all of a sudden ghosts were a thing??

    6. Also when Mona's ghost haunted Alison on Christmas??

    7. When Ali told a creepy fictional story about twins on Halloween, and the next year the murderous twin showed up at Hanna's house???

    8. On 90210, when Naomi got into a yoga-themed cult and then gave them all her money?

    9. Also on 90210, when Liam started dating this widow who worked at his bar AND THEN HER DEAD HUSBAND SHOWS UP!!

    10. And also in 90210 (because who can get enough 90210 EVER?) when Annie became a literal prostitute, wrote an erotic novel about it, and became a bestselling author.

    11. On The Originals, when Klaus somehow got Hayley pregnant despite being a 2,000 year old vampire?

    12. On One Tree Hill, when Lucas almost died and the ghost of his dead uncle showed him what life would be like without him in it.

    13. Also on One Tree Hill, when Nathan was kidnapped because of sports??

    14. And then Dan, Julian, and Chris Keller of all people committed murder to rescue him??

    15. On The Secret Life of the American Teenager, when Grace's dad died in a plane crash right after she had sex and she thought it was God's punishment.

    16. Also on Secret Life, when Grace starts a campaign called "Just Say Me" to encourage girls to masturbate instead of pursuing boys.

    17. On The Vampire Diaries, when Damon kidnapped Tyler, made him take him to Elena's coffin, and then BURNED HER ALIVE!!

    18. Also on The Vampire Diaries, when we found out Alaric and Caroline were engaged??

    19. Not to mention when Damon and Stefan's mom turned out to not be dead, but the "mother" of a family of vampire-witches that she abandoned her children for hundreds of years ago.

    20. On Teen Wolf, when Jackson tried to become a werewolf but instead turned into a reptile:

    21. When Malia killed her whole family, became a coyote for like ten years, then went to high school like it was no big deal.