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    11 Reasons Why Dylan O'Brien Should Be The New Spiderman

    Huh, who is this piece of hunk? Now that Marvel can use Spiderman in the 2016 "Captain America: Civil War," the big question is... who will play the iconic role? My bet's on Dylan O'Brien.

    This is Dylan O'Brien

    He can be confused sometimes.

    But we know better

    "A guy who's genuinely funny and looks like that?"

    But we're here to talk about why he's perfect for the Spiderman cameo in "Captain America: Civil War" and in the 2017 standalone film.

    Background info: His favorite superhero is Spiderman

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    Question: If you could be any superhero, who would you be?

    Dylan: Spiderman Spiderman Spiderman Spiderman

    1. He is an energetic down-to-earth guy:

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    He's unafraid and unashamed of putting himself out there- even at a very young age.

    “His energy doesn’t impress me so much as I envy it,” Kasdan wrote. “It’s boundless and youthful and exuberant and hilarious and … it infuses that movie with life and electricity.”

    2. He understands what it means to be that lonely kid:

    3. He can play someone who isn't athletic (Peter Parker)

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    "I want to puke. Take me somewhere."

    But also pull off the physicality of a Maze Runner (Spiderman)

    4. He is adorkable:

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    And he likes to dance- those hips sure don't lie

    5. He's just as lost in high school as we are/were:

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    *FYI: someone was sacrificing virgins in this episode.

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    Check out 1:29, 2:43, and 4:44

    6. He can more than handle important roles (so you can definitely trust him with Spiderman):

    7. He is earnest and authentic (a defining characteristic of leading Marvel characters):

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    And he's a good friend.

    Here's a little on his bromance with Teen Wolf co-star Tyler Posey.

    8. He is dedicated to the story-telling process and the work, not just the ratings or the fame:

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    Which matches the Marvel movie persona.

    "No sex for the sake of sex."
    He said no to filming a "full-tilt sex scene" because he felt it would be derailing from the episode's main plotline.

    9. He can play a diverse set of roles:

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    He plays both the evil "Nogitsune-possessed" Stiles and the human stiles in Season 3 of Teen Wolf.

    10. Sometime's he's not smooth, but that just makes us love him even more:

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    He's unafraid of admitting that JLaw would kick his butt.

    11. On top of all that, he pulls off the adorkable look very well:

    And who doesn't want to see some of this in spandex:

    You know you want it to happen, Marvel.