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The Fifteen Stages Of The Young Adult Limbo

Post grad, but pre life - it kind of sucks, but it's not forever.

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15. University Promised You Many Things

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Many great and magical things I might add, so you have a right to leave fairly hopeful and naive. (*Good luck with that.*)

14. But It Doesn't Take Long For The Truth To Sink In

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In fact, the more you think about it, the more you realise you're still just as unqualified as ever - you just have a mountain of debt to deal with now too.

13. Like That, You're Out Of Your Depth

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You're in the real World now, after all. Surrounded by real life grown ups with real life jobs. Let the feelings of uselessness ensue.

12. You Might Go Into A Slight Sense Of Panic

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It's kind of like you're the girl, your dreams are the lime jelly, and life is that bitch of a dinosaur that you know is coming.

11. You May Even Try To Hide For A While

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You'll drop off the grid, lose a few dozen Twitter followers and make your InstaFans think you're dead, but you just need a while to figure things out.

10. You'll Probably Cry It Out For A While

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You may regress a little, or you might simply turn to your BFFs and the Vodka, but one thing's for certain, you'll cry out the dramatics for at least a while.

9. You'll Turn To Some Very Sad Music For Support

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And it's one playlist that you'll have on repeat for around a month. But, no one else gets you like Lana Del Rey, Jessie Ware, and Hozier do right now.

8. Don't Fret, You'll Get Back Up Eventually

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You only have so many tears, after all. Now you're at least a little more ready to face this thing called life - you've got a little fight in you.

7. Sure, You Might Still Be Terrified Of Everything You Have To Do

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The job applications aren't going as expected, and your bank account balance has decreased greatly since that final student loan instalment. But at least now you're kind of trying.

6. And You Might Have To Endure Some Truly Hellish Job Interviews

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As if you have any "Weaknesses" at all, what a ridiculous question.

5. Chances Are You'll Be Underemployed For A While

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Just try to remember, it's (probably) not forever.

4. But As Long As You Keep Up With The Grind ...

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... Chances are you'll be sneaking up on life in no time.

3. You'll Still Have Your Ups and Downs

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And sometimes you might even wonder how you're going to get back up again at all.

2. But You Will Get Back Up

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"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" and all that jazz.

1. And You Will Figure It All Out

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You're trying now, at least, so life had better look out, because you'll be there - as a fully fledged grown up - in no time at all.

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