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The Fifteen Stages Of The Young Adult Limbo

Post grad, but pre life - it kind of sucks, but it's not forever.

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14. But It Doesn't Take Long For The Truth To Sink In

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In fact, the more you think about it, the more you realise you're still just as unqualified as ever - you just have a mountain of debt to deal with now too.

11. You May Even Try To Hide For A While

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You'll drop off the grid, lose a few dozen Twitter followers and make your InstaFans think you're dead, but you just need a while to figure things out.

10. You'll Probably Cry It Out For A While

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You may regress a little, or you might simply turn to your BFFs and the Vodka, but one thing's for certain, you'll cry out the dramatics for at least a while.

9. You'll Turn To Some Very Sad Music For Support

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And it's one playlist that you'll have on repeat for around a month. But, no one else gets you like Lana Del Rey, Jessie Ware, and Hozier do right now.

7. Sure, You Might Still Be Terrified Of Everything You Have To Do

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The job applications aren't going as expected, and your bank account balance has decreased greatly since that final student loan instalment. But at least now you're kind of trying.

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