12 People You Will Meet At A Fine Art Degree Show

It’s that time of the year again; colleges and universities are putting on their best smiles to show off all of the fresh young artists they have birthed through years of tuition.

12. The Artists Who “Didn’t Sign Up For This”

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They made the art, do they really need to talk to the people about it too?
They’re introverts and they like it, it’s just too crowded, they just can’t right now.

11. The Money Flashers

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They’re looking for an investment and they want everyone to know it.
They just won’t buy your work … Keep on walking money flasher, we don’t need your money here.

10. The Off The Street Wonderers

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They have no idea where they are or what’s going on - but, somehow they still ended out at your show, of course.

9. The Drunken Students

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It’s a cause for a celebration and don’t some people know it!?

8. The Disappointed Lecturers

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They taught these students for a full free years and one of them just threw up on their shoes - they’ve learnt nothing!

7. The Sober and Serious Students

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While some students might not take the event seriously enough there will definitely be one or two others who take the show and themselves far too seriously.

6. The Proud Lecturers

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“At least some of them might make it in life.” They say, while subtly giving themselves a high-five.

5. The Drunken Friends And Family Members

Let’s just reiterate, it’s a cause for a celebration.

4. The Awkward

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If students these people might start the evening off awkward and quiet but will also usually end out as number 5, “The Drunken Students.”

3. The Proud Family Members

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the night might actually mean more to them than it does to the students exhibiting.

2. The Lost, Dazed And Confused

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Whether it’s the layout, the art talk or the art itself, something has gotten to them and they want out.

1. The Moneyless Dreamers

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You’ll find these in abundance at any degree show. They’re enthusiastic. They’re excited. They’re terrified - and they could even spend most of the night disguised as numbers 2, 4, 7, 9, and 12.

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