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10 Reasons You're Still Unemployed

It seems like even if you do secure an interview the job offers still fail to follow. So, what are you doing wrong?

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10. Maybe You Still Haven't Perfected That Handshake of Yours

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Not too long, but not too short. Not limp, but not too firm. Formal, but polite.

The perfect handshake is a science, it's all in the wrist, brah.

9. Maybe You're Dressing Inappropriately

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Play it safe with interview clothing. Always play it safe!

8. Maybe You Have No Idea What Job You're Interviewing For

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So, you kind of applied by accident and still managed to get an interview, it happens to the best of us. At least you're trying!

7. Maybe You're Inexperienced

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Like, you can barely do anything at all.

6. Maybe You're Just A Little Too Confident

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Yeah, you're flawless, but, give them a little time to figure that out for themselves.

5. Maybe You're Still The Class Clown At Heart

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Maybe a job interview isn't the best place to practice your new one liners.

4. Maybe You're Just Too Awkward

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Full stop.

3. Maybe You Said "No" Too Much

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"I won't work after five."

"I can't have less than two and a half hours for lunch."

"Nope, I can't stick to your filing system, I have my own way of doing things."

- That ain't gonna' work.

2. Maybe You Took The "Smile And Nod" Blag Too Far

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It just got creepy, dude.

1. Or Maybe The Job Just Isn't For You

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It wasn't mean to be.

But, keep it up!

You'll find something perfect eventually.

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