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    11 Signs That You Are Obsessed With The TV Show 'Psych'

    Those people out there that have found a pineapple in every episode? This is for you.

    1. When you prove someone wrong, you always say, “Suck ittttttttt…” or “Awwwwww yeahhhhh…”

    2. You’ve seen every episode at least once. And certain ones countless times.

    3. You’ve tried Snyder’s pretzels at least once thanks to Psych.

    4. You have perfected your hand motion for when using psychic powers.

    5. Your favorite fruit is a pineapple, and you are quite partial to the color green.

    6. Your favorite Psych episodes are the spoof ones.

    7. Your ultimate dream in life is to rub Gus’s magic head.

    8. You think that in another life, Lassie and Shawn ….no, they would still be enemies.

    9. You believe that you have never truly lived until you have seen Tuesday the 17th

    10. You felt like crying when Shawn got shot in the shoulder. And yes, Gina did have too much cheesecake.

    11. And yet, no matter how immature Shawn and Gus get, you still love them more than anything.