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    7 Beautiful Celebrities Eating Frozen Yogurt

    Fro-Yo plus our favorite celebrities. What could be better?

    Happy National Frozen Yogurt Month

    Instagram / Via

    Did you know that June is National Frozen Yogurt Month? In celebration, we've put together a short collection of some of our favorite celebrities eating one of America's favorite treats.

    Taylor Swift


    With all her breakup songs, she has to take a frozen yogurt trip every once in a while. (Drowning your sorrows in rainbow cookies is nothing to be ashamed of.)

    Kelly K. Bensimon

    Instagram / Via

    The author, model, and former star of Bravo's "Real Housewives of New York" is known for her sweet tooth. (Skip to 2:00 for jelly bean bringing realness.) She's also been spotted a few times in 16 Handles!

    Kim Kardashian & Kanye West


    Frozen yogurt is apparently one of Kim's favorite pregnancy treats, and we can't blame her! (Side note: Best onesie ever.)

    Heidi Klum


    Supermodel Heidi Klum sported some purple overalls while taking her kids out to Fro-Yo. What do you think her fellow Project Runway judges would say about that outfit?

    Christy Turlington


    Supermodel Christy Turlingon also treats her kids to some sweet 16 Handles

    Kate Hudson


    This Hollywood Starlet took a break while filming the 2011 film "Something Borrowed" to enjoy some 16 Handles Fro-Yo.

    What celebrity does America want to take out on a frozen yogurt date?

    16 Handles, the first brand to pioneer the self-serve frozen yogurt model in New York City, conducted a nationwide survey to find out what's HOT about America's COOLEST treat. We asked what celebrity people would most want to take out on a frozen yogurt date. The race was close between Ryan Gosling and Jennifer Lawrence. Find out who won out!

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