12 Reasons 16 Handles Is Irresistible

Because we can HANDLE a joke.

1. You feel like you’re in a nightclub

Instagram / Via instagram.com

2. Have you seen our bathrooms?

foursquare.com / Via http://Foursquare

3. Our CE-Yo used to do his hair like this

MySpace / Via myspace.com

4. He’s since improved his style.

Restaurant Magazine / Via restaurantmagazine.com

5. He also got a puppy and named him “Handles.”

Instagram / Via instagram.com

6. Handles even has a little hoodie!

instagram.com / Via http://Instagram

7. Sometimes we let him answer the phone

Instagram / Via instagram.com

Hello, yes, this is dog!

8. We get funny guys like Craig Robinson to stop in every once in a while.

Yahoo / Via movies.yahoo.com

Check out the video of Craig posing as a 16 Handles employee!

9. We won’t judge you for doing this…

Facebook / Via facebook.com

10. Or this…

Healthy Diva Eats / Via healthydivaeats.com

11. Or even this…

Instagram / Via instagram.com

12. …Because YOLO!

Instagram / Via instagram.com

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