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    and why we are proud to call it our home.

    Welcome to our paradise.

    Our beautiful land of Isla Vista is inhabited by an overwhelming amount of students.

    This is what "hanging out in our backyard" looks like.

    This is what our "Saturday" looks like...

    Sophia Sinclair / Via

    This is what our "quarter" looks like in Isla Vista... and yes, they are all this awesome.

    Sophia Sinclair / Via

    ^ Click the vimeo link to see for yourself

    You Honk, They Drink.

    It's raining, we cant bike to class.

    It's sunny, we cant bike to class.

    At sunset, this is all you see on instagram.

    On Wednesdays we sing...

    ...for the best bartender EVER.

    There are songs about us.

    View this video on YouTube

    Radical Something / Via

    View this video on YouTube / Via Sabatage

    Gaucho Ball is a thing of our past...

    We have ample opportunity to coast the ocean via bus.

    Everyone who is anyone will be seen in a hawaiian tee

    The scariest part of our Halloween is finding a place to stand.

    Sophomores: We know you are throwing balloons at strangers. Congratulations.

    Lets cheers for the LOOP

    ..but NOT for this LOOP [RIP Super Cucas]

    They may have killed Floatopia...


    Sophia Sinclair / Via

    There are one or two weekends that determine our spring schedule.

    We don't let go of childhood dreams.

    Our local city college's campus shits on your four year school.

    We clean what is necessary.

    Freebirds, we love you.

    We know there is someone dying to burn this couch.

    Sometimes we get dirty...

    ...but we always clean up nicely.

    We eventually have to leave, but go out with a smile...

    Sophia Sinclair / Via

    ...and return for a beer every once in a while.