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We Need To Talk About Cousin Skeeter

Because everyone is related to a sentient puppet, right?

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It's time we acknowledge the fact that Cousin Skeeter was a thing.

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In case you aren't familiar with this strange show, here's a recap: It's literally about a kid whose cousin is an egocentric puppet. No joke. It started on Nickelodeon in 1998 and ran for three seasons until 2001.

The theme song is all about how the ladies love Skeeter.

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His cousin, Bobby– despite being an actual human– takes the backseat to Skeeter's irresistible charm, apparently. The song itself is a spinoff of 702's hit "Steelo."

Bobby's dad is played by Rondell Sheridan, who you might recognize as the father from That's So Raven or Cory In The House.

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If only Raven could have had a vision about how a puppet can be related to humans.

The show had some notable guest stars.

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Stars such as 98 Degrees, Queen Latifah, Dennis Rodman, and Michael Jordan all appeared in episodes. Apparently, Skeeter also saved MC Lyte's life.

...and unraveled an alien plot to replace all teenagers with clones.

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Casual, right? Skeeter even gets hit on by a particularly clingy alien, because he's great with girls no matter what planet he's on.

Despite being strange AF, the show received numerous award nominations for excellence in children's television.

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Plus it taught some great lessons about growing up, no matter if you're related to a puppet or not.

Craving some Skeeter?

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The DVD collection is hard to find, but clips of the show and some full episodes are available online.

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