15 Tranquil Songs You Need In Your Life

*Disclaimer* Some of these songs aren’t that tranquil (like actually not at all), but they’re still AMAZING! Enjoy.

1. Vicktor Taiwò - Kiss You Cover

Seriously the 1D boys are awesome, but Vicktor’s raspy voice adds a sexiness to this song that the original version doesn’t have.

2. SOHN - Bloodflows

So tranquil!

3. Rhye- Open

A bit of funk in the beat. Similar to Quadron, but Ryhe’s voice is absolutely stunning and super smooth.

4. RY X-Berlin

I just contemplate my whole life when I hear this song. It makes me want to quit school and go live in nature. I don’t really know why I react this way to this song, but ummm yeah it’s super good.

5. VV Brown- Substitute For Love

I feel like people just forgot about VV Brown after Shark in the water, but her voice is breathtaking. ^ Example A

6. Chet Faker- No Diggity

I love how chill this cover is. The original song is super chill but this is like 100 times more chill. (Note to self: find synonym for chill )

7. Say Lou Lou - Maybe You

Ahhh this song is refreshing. Say Lou Lou’s harmonies are killer.

8. FKA Twigs - Ultraviolet

FKA Twigs’ voice is RIDICULOUS! It so gentle. Gotta love her.

Sidenote: This is one of the less tranquil songs on this list.

9. Josef Salvat - Hustler

10. Yuna - Someone Who Can

I know Yuna has a handful of tranquil songs and this is not one of them, but this song has such good lyrics and I relate so hard!!! Anyways, Yuna has an angelic voice and I love her so she had to be on this list.

11. Sampha - Can’t Get Close

SAMPHA! Go listen to his EP Dual This guy is incredible. he also has some really great colabs ith SBTRKT, DRAKE, Little Dragons etc

12. BANKS - Bedroom Wall

Definitely one of my best music discoveries in 2013. BANKS is dopeness personified. Super soothing voice.

13. Half Moon Run - Call Me in the Afternoon

Really folky. Love, love, love.

14. Delilah - Inside My Love

Love this remake of Minnie Riperton’s song. Delilah has a really gorgeous tone.

15. Chlöe Howl - I Wish I Could Tell You

This song is so innocent and sweet and Chlöe Howl just sounds like a darling. I love her and I can’t wait for her to blow up!

That’s all folks. Hope you like this list!

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