10 DIY Planters

Because terracotta planters are so last year.

Why put your plants in a boring pot, when you can make your own unique planter from something you may have on hand?

2. Not just for spaghetti

Via http://apartmenttherapy.com

How many colanders do you come across at weekend yard sales? Fit one with a linked chain to create an appealing hanging planter for colorful pansies.

3. Radio flyer

Via http://cre8tivedesignsinc.com

A rusted wagon is reborn as a planter displaying pretty annuals. The wheels on the wagon mean the planter can be easily moved around the yard or garden to gather sun or serve as a showpiece.

4. Getting the boot

Via http://trash2treasure.wordpress.com

Pairs of red rain-boot planters parade across this porch. Though “made for walking” (as the song goes), these repurposed boots are filled with a variety of herbs and geraniums in a matching hue. Contrasting flower colors would create an equally pleasing look.

5. Wheel winners

Via http://eatingrules.com

This cluster of tires, all dressed up in show-stopping colors, makes for a fun and funky wall of flowers. Best of all, these tires won’t end up in a landfill.

6. Got oil?

Via http://greayer.com

In this bright and playful courtyard, recycled and painted oil drums provide new homes for trees as well as plants. Some of the drums are fitted with platforms to serve as benches. Who wouldn’t want to sit and stay awhile?

7. Cinder(ella) blocks

Via http://lifewithoutexpectations.com

Stacked cinder blocks, with their ready-made potting compartments, create a geometric platform to show off a variety of plants. Unfinished or painted in bold colors, cinder blocks make quick and easy planters with structural heft.

8. Teapots - short and stout

Via http://recyclart.org

Cracked teapot got you down? Look at this charming, cheerful series of teapots adorning the railing of a stone staircase. Any cracks would be perfect for drainage!

9. Dressed-up drawers

Via http://meredith.com

Three stacked dresser drawers create a planter with stepped-up height and flair. Shabby chic makes its way to the garden!

10. Bountiful bathtub

Via http://billbatesphotography.com

A waterfall of petunias cascades out of an old cast-iron bathtub. So many of these antique beauties are discarded to make way for new fixtures, yet here this classic household icon is whimsically reborn.

11. Vibrant wheelbarrow

Via http://myyardrocks.com

A flourish of flowering plants breathes new life into an old wheelbarrow. What a festive way to dress up a utilitarian tool!

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