White House Spokesman Promises Gun Control Legislation

“I don’t have a series of proposals to present to you,” says the White House press secretary.

Alex Wong / Getty Images

WASHINGTON — White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said that gun control legislation will be a component of the federal response President Barack Obama will push for after the shooting deaths of 27 in Newtown, Connecticut, on Friday.

“It’s a complex problem that will require a complex solution,” Carney told reporters on Monday at the White House. “No single piece of legislation, no single action will fully address this problem.”

Asked whether gun control legislation will be a component of that solution, Carney replied, “It’s part of it, but it’s far from all of it.”

Carney repeated that Obama said at a vigil in Newtown Sunday night that he would “use the power of his office to engage the American people,” including “lawmakers, law enforcement, and mental health experts” in an effort to prevent these kinds of mass shootings.

“It has clearly shocked the entire nation, and has laid bare the necessity of evaluating the various things we can and must do as a nation to better protect our children,” he added.

But Carney was short on any specifics, saying “I don’t have a series of proposals to present to you,” and refusing to say what if any actions Obama has taken in his first term to curtail the availability of assault weapons.

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