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  • Dragon Nest: Preview

    Dragon Nest is a fantasy MMORPG with an emphasis on skill-based fighting and combos. Originally released in 2010 to the Korean market, Nexon brings Dragon Nest to the North American market just a year later with a fresh set of voice actors and a whole lot of hype. Dragon Nest lets you play one of four classes, each with their set of two

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  • World of Warcraft: Eight Ways to Gain Experience

    To level, you must collect a certain amount of experience, which keeps increasing as you level further. As we’ve outlined below, pretty much anything grants experience. The leveling flow has been simplified a good deal in Cataclysm; if you stick to one path, you may find yourself outpacing your instances and quests. Always be ready to leave a zone if the quests are too easy, or switch to instances if a zone just isn’t interesting.

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  • StarCraft 2: Steps to Become a PRO Player

    This is a thinking person’s game. Pursue tips, tricks, and information. Explore the Web and find the community websites!,,, etc. One must know how others did it if they want to do it!”

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  • Pirated Game Downloads Estimated at Over 9.78 Million in December

    With the online era well under way, it has acted as a catalyst to spur many gaming businesses on and provided many opportunities to grow further. However, like a double edged sword, it has also adversely effected the profits and in some cases, led to the downfall of such businesses. Online piracy has been a long time enemy of the entertainment industry and this was made evident in December 2009 figures according to the International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) and the Entertainment Software Association (ESA)….

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  • Heavy Rain Not Forecasted for UAE During 2010

    The UAE’s National Media Council (NMC) has banned Heavy Rain on PlayStation3. Heavy Rain has an 18+ PEGI rating and has been conceived from the earliest stages as a genuinely adult experience. This means that it deals with strong content including blood and nudity, but treats this content in a mature and sensitive manner. The game is not intentionally controversial or sensationalist, and all the themes and content are consistent with what consumers would expect to see in a mainstream Hollywood thriller.” …

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