Now That Fall Is Gone.

…And winter is approaching. Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the ——-Excuse me, but can we all just hibernate?

1. Tis the season for festivities…

ID: 1858628

2. YAY : Christmas is approaching.

ID: 1858495

3. Christmas presents galore.

ID: 1858501

4. Tis the season for Hot Chocolate….

ID: 1858508

5. And hideous over-sized sweaters…

ID: 1858529

6. and slipping while you’re walking to class…

ID: 1858554

7. Tis the season for memories like these:

ID: 1858568

8. and beautiful mornings…

ID: 1858573

9. Tis the season for snow days.

ID: 1858587

10. Tis the season for hibernation…

ID: 1858597

11. And unmet expectations…

ID: 1858598

12. Tis the season for celebrating the 25th of December…

ID: 1858614

13. and baking these wonderful things…

ID: 1858615

14. Only to feel like this afterwards….

ID: 1858617

15. So don’t curse the wind too much.

ID: 1858651

16. Winter will be over before you know it! Enjoy.

ID: 1858658

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