22 Questions Throuples Hear All The Time

No, but seriously. Your rent must be cheaper right?

What is a throuple?

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According to Urban Dictionary…

Some people think a throuple is this.

A throuple is more like this.

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For instance…

1. Is rent a thousand times cheaper splitting in three?

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2. What do your kids call you?

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Dad, Daddy, and… Dadd?

3. Does the “j” word ever happen?

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4. How many anniversaries do you celebrate?

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5. What size bed do you sleep in?

6. How do you decide which person’s family to visit for holidays?

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7. What if two of you want to go on a vacation without the other one?

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8. How many cars do you own?

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9. By the way, who gets the front seat and the back seat?

10. What happens at a theme park ride that only seats two?

11. Do all three of you share one bank account?

12. Oh yeah, pre-nups! How complicated does that get?

13. How do you figure out who cooks?

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14. Would you consider adding another person to the relationship?

That’d be…quadrouple, right?

15. Does it matter who joins the relationship when?

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16. What are power dynamics like?

Is one more submissive than the other two? What happens if two of you are dominant?

17. How do you introduce yourselves to people?

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Pull a Lilo/Stitch. “Fabulous. We are FABULOUS.”

18. Do you share your time amongst yourselves equally?

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19. How crowded is the bathroom situation?

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20. What happens at drunk karaoke if you’re asked to sing a duet?

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22. How do you deal with all the judgy mcjudger-sens?

No matter what questions you deal with though, at the end of the day, at least you have your love(s).

Because some people can’t even get a first date HAHAHAHA #truth

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