Cats Who Are Trying The Paleo Diet

Just the like cavecats used to eat.

1. A Paleo diet is based on what we ate during the Paleolithic Era, mostly native meat, fish, and plants.

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2. No grains allowed, so get rid of all that bread and pasta.

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3. You’re going to miss pasta.

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4. And bread.

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5. No potatoes, which means no fries.

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6. No legumes.

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7. No dairy.

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8. Even ice cream.

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9. No cake.

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10. And especially no refined sugars.

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11. or any junk food.

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12. What’s left?!

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13. You can eat all kinds of meat.

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15. Even hamburgers. But no buns!

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16. The best news: you can eat bacon!

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17. And fish!

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18. And eggs!

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19. There are a lot of delicious greens to choose from.

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20. Try some vegetables you’re skeptical of.

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21. Even kale.

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22. Be creative with salads.

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23. If you’re sick of the regular fruit choices

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24. try some pineapple.

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25. Or melon.

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26. You can never have too much melon.

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27. There are even some paleo-friendly cookies.

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28. Seriously! They’re good!

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29. You will feel so healthy.

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30. And won’t have to hide at the beach.

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31. Pretty soon all your friends will want to try it.

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32. But let’s hope the next fad diet is an all ice cream diet.

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