Cats Offering Helfpul Advice For Lindsay Lohan

She could use a good pep talk.

Hey Linds.

ID: 1002708

I know things used to be pretty good, and you were feeling on top of the world.

ID: 1003262

You were in all the magazines.

ID: 1003293

People flocked to see your movies.

ID: 1003314

But lately, things have gotten weird.

ID: 1003324

And your reputation has been tarnished.

ID: 1003633

Even though everything totally sucks right now

ID: 1003078

and you’re probably feeling sort of stuck

ID: 1003670

and scared.

ID: 1003155

You might hate everyone

ID: 1003417

And want to hide from the world.

ID: 1003102

Please don’t do anything drastic.

ID: 1003173

And try not to take your anger out on others.

ID: 1003529

Everything is okay.

ID: 1003987

The world is not your enemy, even though I’m sure it often feels that way.

ID: 1003836

Take a good look in the mirror.

ID: 1003159

You don’t always make the best decisions

ID: 1003896

so come clean.

ID: 1003170

And admit you need help.

ID: 1003861

You’re strong.

ID: 1003878

I know you can tough it out.

ID: 1003594

Take some time for yourself

ID: 1003926

Do some serious thinking.

ID: 1003929

Try to avoid those wild friends of yours

ID: 1003946

and make new friends who enjoy more leisurely activities.

ID: 1003956

Take up a new hobby.

ID: 1003958

Try doing yoga.

ID: 1004008

And get a lot of rest.

ID: 1004073

Things will start to calm down.

ID: 1004085

You just need to recharge.

ID: 1004087

And then you can be more in control.

ID: 1004101

Now go get ‘em!

ID: 1004109

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