23 Things Latinas Are Tired Of Hearing

“Are you here, you know, legally?”

1. “You don’t look Latina.”

What are Latinas supposed to even look like?

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2. “You’re probably planning on having a big family, right?”

Just making regular plans, like everyone else.

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3. “Why are you so religious?”

Why are you assuming things?

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4. “You’re so lucky you don’t ever have to tan.”

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5. “Is it weird growing up in a sexist culture?”

Well, as pop star philosopher Beyoncé likes to say, “Who run the world? GURLS.”

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6. “Where did you learn English?”

Let’s ask the same of you: where did you learn English?

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7. “Why is your family so big?”

Do you ever ask yourself how something will sound before saying it aloud?

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8. *whispering* “Are you legal?”

Not cool.

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9. “Why are you always so loud?”

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10. “OMG can you recommend me a good *authentic* Mexican food restaurant?”

Not here to be your Yelp.

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11. “I’m trying to practice my Spanish. Can you just talk to me in Spanish from now on?”

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Sure, just use me as your practice dummy. It’s cool.

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12. “Your upbringing must have been really rough.”

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13. “Mami.”

Please don’t use this word unless you are actually talking to your mom.

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14. “Where’s your accent?”

Some people have them and some people don’t.

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15. “Do you know anyone having a Quinceañera? I’ve always wanted to go to one.”

Sure, because a coming-of-age celebration is a tourist novelty.

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16. “Can you teach me how to dance salsa?”

You are giving Penelope Cruz a headache. I don’t think you want that.

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17. “OMG I love watching Spanish TV. It’s so dramatic.”

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18. “I’m just gonna call you [name that’s easier for me to pronounce].”

Lol bless whoever thinks this is an appropriate thing to say.

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19. “But, like, you really only got here because you’re Latina, right?”

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20. “Where are you really, really from?”

Los Angeles? California? USA? Earth? The Universe?

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21. “So what’s traditional food where you’re from? Rice and beans?”

Yes, exclusively. You’ve really got us figured out.

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22. “Are you planning on being a housewife?”

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23. “Why are Latina’s so fiery all the time?”

Did you intend to say fly? If so, the answer is, yes, they are very fly.

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