15 Reasons Miranda Bailey Is The Realest Doctor On TV

Here’s why Dr. Miranda Bailey is the sassiest, classiest doctor at Seattle Grace Mercy West, as told by her face.

15. The look on her face when Callie talked about her first dip in the lady pond…


And she was NOT having it.

14. The look when she lost a sponge during surgery after her rant about how the residents are unfocused


Then Meredith found the sponge under Bailey’s shoe.

13. The moment she got too close to her patient…


And we cried with her. “OHHH LAWD”

12. When she threw shade at Yang for not believing she won the solo surgery


And why did she win the surgery? Because Miranda Bailey was (and still is) “young, gifted and Black.” You go, Dr. B!

11. That time she got her hair did


And it came with a whole new level of sass (and we loved every minute of it)!

10. Her shock when Adele accused her of having an affair with the Chief


9. The moment she found out George died…


She wiped the tears away, and still saved the life of a dying child.

8. Her disgust when she saw Zola’s hair


“Fix your baby’s hair!”

7. The shear terror in her eyes when Dr. Percy was shot…


6. … and the look as she fought to save him


5. Drunk Bailey!


No explanation needed, but we definitely cherished this rare moment.

4. Her surprised look when she was accused of sleeping with a nurse


and it was TOTALLY true!

3. When she came to the realization that a musical episode probably wasn’t a good idea


We second this one, Bailey!

2. When she told O’Malley “STOP LOOKING AT MY VAJAYJAY!”


And coined a term that swept the nation.

1. The moment Derek walked in on her in the on-call room



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