11 Reasons Why Neil Patrick Harris Is Amazing

If you already already didn’t know here is a list of why NPH just makes everyone else seem obsolete.

So why do we love you NPH?

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1. You are a master of ceremonies with class.

I mean, you don’t even get mad at the photo wobbler in the back…

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2. You have a cult long before most of this other fame…

Dr. Horrible was the exact opposite. More like Dr. Great. AM I right? Self Five!

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3. You make us go crazy when you perform…Especially Impromptu Halftime Shows…

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4. People say you have a problem, but let’s be honest, there is no one else we would wanna see..

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5. Awesome people love to hang with you and heckle you..

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6. Not to over emphasize, but you have the coolest co-stars in everything you do..

Nathan Fillion and Sarah Silverman? I mean come on, you seriously think that is not enough?

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7. You inspire everyone to self encourage themselves…

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8. You are the definition of LEGEN…Wait for it..DARY

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9. You have a fabulous second half who clearly loves you.

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10. You get to vacation with Elton John…I mean he has oscar parties, so that is pretty cool.

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11. And you can’t forget these guys…Your co-workers for one more season.

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Keep hosting to give us more moments like these…

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