15 Pieces Of Glass Art That You Wouldn’t Believe Are Pipes

Yes, it’s a pipe.

1. Femmaliene by Banjo and Robert Mickelsen

ID: 2009262

2. Lantern by Erik Anders and Troy Bennet

ID: 2016557

3. Bel Air by Banjo

ID: 2016566

5. Pirate Ship by Buck, LaceFace and Joe O’Connel

ID: 2016586

6. Trumpet by Etai Rahmil

ID: 2016591

7. Black Widow by Phil Siegel

ID: 2016595

8. Giraffe with African Tick Bird by Buck and Robert Mickelsen


ID: 2016603

9. Skull by Scott Deppe, Adam G. And T Funk

ID: 2016618

10. Chess Set by Banjo and Tristan Hodges

ID: 2016631

11. Spider and Flowers by Darby Holm

ID: 2016645

12. Sniper M4 Automatic Rifle by Robert Mickelsen

ID: 2016656

13. Dino Trucks by Elbo, Joe Peters and Jsyn Lord

ID: 2016667

14. Candlestick Phone by Etai Rahmil

ID: 2016674

15. Elementia by Eusheen and Robert Mickelsen

ID: 2016721

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